In ICAR we take the biometric verification one step further.

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Better usability and user experience

Easiest and fastest  identity

Increase in onboarding conversions

Features that increase security and prevents identity fraud

ICAR offers a fully automatic solution for identity verification. It combines the validation of ID, passport or other document authentication with biometrics authentication of the person.

Do you know the new features of our solution?

The application does not take the selfie for the biometric authentication if the user does not make a certain movement, as a blink. This prevents fraud such as spoofing, take a photo to a photo.

Liveness test

The application focuses and takes the document picture to validate automatically, without need of that the user press any button. Thus, their experience is improved while better image is obtained.

Automatic capture

About ICAR

Online Identity Validation

Faster, more automatic and more secure

Other advantages of our solution

Fully automatic solution.
It does not require manual handling of documents.
Much more fast that any other solution existing.
Reads and processes all the fields of the document.
Records the data without errors.
Easy to integrate into all systems.
Prevents identity fraud.
Improves the ROI and the conversion.
Reduces costs operating.
Meets KYC and AML requirements.

ICAR is a global leader in fully automatic for identity verification solutions.

It makes more than two million annual validations in online business, in sectors such as finance and Fintech, telecommunications, retail and travel./span>

Their solutions have been successfully implemented in clients such as the Mobile World Congress (GSMA), the online bank NEON, Caixa Bank Consumer Credit, Kymco or Bancoppel.

Presence in more than 20 countries.


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Any question? Call us!  |  +34 935 942 474

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